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Ron Rosano

Future Astronaut, Space and Astronomy Educator

Hello, I'm Ron Rosano

I've been pursuing my passion of inspiring students about space travel for over 25 years, as an informal astronomy & spaceflight educator with several different programs. I'll be flying into space with Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, and into the stratosphere with Space Perspective and World View.

I'm the organizer of Galactic Unite Spacechats (live Q&A video calls), connecting Virgin Galactic staff and astronauts with (as of Nov. 2022) over 15,000 students from over 200 schools and 14 different countries.

Since 2008, I've conducted more than 70 events as a NASA Solar System Ambassador, giving presentations on Mars rovers, The James Webb Space Telescope, the Apollo Moon landings, commercial space flight, and more.

I've closely followed NASA and other space missions ever since the Apollo lunar flights, thankful to be credited for my work on NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, and have been active in public telescope viewing with the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers.

I serve on the Advisory Council of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific , the Board of Advisors of Human Space Program, and Board of Directors of the Nepal Youth Foundation.


Giving students and humans across the globe a perspective of Earth as a planet as it exists in the incredibly incomprehendsible vast emptiness of space, encouraging the understanding of the uniqueness of our globe as a candle of light in an immense Universe; inspiring others to see themselves as crew on this planet Earth, and helping others realize the need the protect and preserve this globe, as it exists under a tenuous and extremely thin atmosphere, which keeps everything alive within it.


Please reach me directly via the NASA Solar System Ambassador site.

If you're a teacher or educator and would like to schedule a live Q&A Spacechat with Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts and VG staff, please fill out our inquiry form: Spacechat request

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